Northern Shaolin Longfist
Taizu Longfist form Two

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 The ten-thousand laws can be reduced to one.
 All schools can be traced back to Shaolin.
 The styles of Shaolin have long held a place of leadership among
 Chinese martial styles. Among various northern Chinese martial
 art forms, there is a renowned category known as Northern
 Longfist.   However,  whether it is Plum Flower Longfist,
 Islamic Longfist or Taizu Longfist,  though they are each
 their own independent styles, when you closely analyze their
 various principles and techniques they still do not stray from
 their Shaolin roots. Thus, in the Chinese martial arts world,
 they are all known as part of the Shaolin martial system.

 Taizu Longfist has always been honored as “the mother of
 Northern Longfist”. Its force is quick and agile and its energy
 is fierce and swift. It is a style based on ancient methods.
 The training of Taizu Longfist is designed to allow you to make
 gradual progress in a specific order. Each form focuses on
 different aspects, creating a special curriculum that includes
 physical conditioning and a wide range of combat techniques.
 It is an ancient style with a complete and clearly structured
 method of training.

 The second form of Taizu Longfist is called “Xing”, meaning“
 one who is able can apply. ” This form is key in the training
 process of Taizu Longfist. The entire form includes a strong
 contrast between opening and closing, and also includes training
 of combination kicking techniques.  Besides an increase in the
 difficulty of practice, it further completes the attacking arsenal of
 Taizu Longfist.
 Our Unique Method
 of Detailed Instruction

 Kung-fu Loung's uniquely detailed instruction method,
 selects the best forms for graduated instruction,
 instructing each move of each segment slowly.
 The actions of the arms, legs and body are all described
 and explained in detail.
 The explanations are even more detailed than you would
 normally receive in a live class.

 Detailed Explanation
 of Power Mechanics
 and Technique
 How do you throw a punch?
 Where does the power come from?
 How do you "borrow" strength and what is the difference
 between power and "jin"? All you have to do is understand
 these power mechanics and you can learn real Chinese martial arts.
 and Adaptations
 The applications of a move can’t be rigid and unchanging.
 You need to be able to strike or grapple or throw with any given move.
 Kung-fu Loung DVDs not only explain the applications of the moves,
 they also teach you how to change and adapt those moves
 to real-life situations.

Taizu Longfist form Two        Form List

1. Double  Scoop and 
Cover  the  Heavens
2. Advancing  Step
Double  Palm
3. Turn  the  Head
Double  Hook
4. Kuixing
Kicks  the  Dipper
5. Advancing
Straight  Punch
6. Bow  Stance
Straight  Punch
7. Slapping
Horizontal  Palm
8. Stride  the  Tiger
Flash  the  Palm
9. Hero
Stands  Alone
10. Fearsome  Tiger
Presses  Down
11. Smooth  Step
Flicking  Palm
12. Roc  Spreads
its  Wings
13. ”X”
14. Raise  the  Leg
Pounce  the Heart
15. Monarch  Takes
off  His  Boots
16. Advance  Step
Turning  Split
17. Horse  Position
Hanging  Strike
18. Reverse  the  Body
Hang  the  Ear
19. Return  the  Body
Hang  the  Ear
20. Turn  the  Body and
Stand  on  one  Leg
21. Fearsome  Tiger
Presses  Down
22. Advancing
Thrust  Punch
23. Leap  and  Grab
the  Stars
24. Fearsome  Tiger
Presses  Down
25. Advancing
Thrust  Punch
26. Yellow  Eagle
Comes  of  its  Perch
27. Horse  Position
anging  Strike
28. Slant  the  Legs
Turn  the  Body
29. Dash  Step
Flying  Kick
30. Lock
the  Legs  Kick
31. Rotate  the  Body
32. Kuixing
Lights  the  Lamp
33. Step  Back and 
Concave  the Stomach
34. Retreat  and  Pull  up
the  Sleeves
35. Advancing  Step
Crushing  Elbow
36. Flicking  Step
Scoop  the  Sea
37. Crook  Hand
Pounce  the  Heart
38. Reverse  Stamp
Splitting  Crush
39. Dash  Step
Hanging  Strike
40. Reverse  Body
plitting  Hang
41. Magpie
Climbs  a  Branch
42. Retreat  and  Pull  up
the  Sleeves
43. Kuixing
Stands  Alone
44. Scurry  Step
Flying  Kick
45. Lock
the  Legs  Kick
46. Rotate  the  Body
47. Kuixing
Lights  the  Lamp
48. Step Back and
Concave  the  Stomach
49. Turn  the  Body
Hang  the  Ear
50. Seven-star
Light  the  Lamp
51. Kuixing
Sits  and  Presses
52. Returning  Press
Closing  Posture

In all teaching of this DVD, We use detail step by step teach method,
every style compare with slow motion explain it. detailed and sensitive.